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Why L.H.A

Lets Go Himalaya Adventure Pvt. Ltd is fully Nepal government registered trekking company .Registered under thecompany act 2063 holding the license no of 8390/067/068.

18 years experience in Tour, trek and expedition field.

Our Legal governance


Government of Nepal Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Tourism Industry DivisionRegd. No 1322/068


Government of Nepal Ministry of Industry Department of Cottage and Small Scale Industry Office Regd. 11748/908


Government of Nepal Ministry of Industry Department of Company Registration Office Regd. No 8390/067/068.


Government of Nepal Ministry of Finance Department of Income Tax Regd. No 2001/03/06, PANNo 305038779


Central Bank of Nepal Department of Foreign Exchange Regd. No. 543/07/064

Holiday in your own style

Lets go Himalaya Adventure is independent travel company; we are not associated with any other travel company. We make your own holiday tailor; as per available time. We leave the choice on our clients. Where either one can travel with a group or on his/her own style. Our flexible walking holiday tailor is something that found by our most clients and appreciated. Where you can stop and walk where ever you want specially on walking holidays trek. Our concern is always trying to make unforgettable unique holiday experience in Nepal. However, we are very much aware about your safety concern.

Emergencies rescue

Risk is always unseen and unavoidable everywhere but things we can do is minimize it. When you travel anywhere in the world, you may have different unseen risk. In the same way travelling in Nepal sometime may get different unforeseen risk. That is why people coming to Nepal should always be aware that they have proper travel insurance. Lets Go Himalaya Adventure is cooperation with different helicopter rescue companies in Nepal and manage the emergency rescue operation thoroughly any accident happened. The risk can commonly be in trekking and mountaineering in Nepal is arising through emergencies, high altitude sickness. Only sometimes, different natural disasters like landslide, avalanche and unseen accident. But our experts’ trained staffs always easily handle most contingency period. We assure all that we are very committed to make your journey safe and enjoyable.

Travel Insurance


We suggest every traveler coming to Nepal should bring travel insurance. Obviously coverage’s are varying from policy to policy but when you travel to Nepal, specially make sure that your travel insurance covers all unforeseen accidental rescue including high altitude helicopter evacuation if you are travelling at high altitude. Without travel insurance, emergency Helicopter evacuation would be delay in various stuffs.

Our staffs and porters all have life and medical insurance. Every individual staff and porter goes on trek will be fully insured. The insurance policy covers, high altitude sickness, physical injury, death and emergency rescue evacuation.

Before your trek/tour/expeditions start we collect copy of your insurance policy here in Kathmandu, and we will act thoroughly if anything happen afterwards. Let’s go Himalaya adventure (P) Ltd always assistant for your right claiming.

Cost effective

Our cost is based on realistic approach, if you compare with other companies in any way. It is neither higher nor low, we believe in quality service. We always try to meet needs and expectations of each individual client. Our valuable client’s suggestions and past experience has proved it. We always keep in mind that your time is very valuable, we can’t say 100% success but we have been successfully to meet 90% of our client’s more than they expect to holiday in Nepal. We have categories our cost in two group standard and budget; one can choose any one of them as per the requirement. Please kindly see the details of difference between these two cost in cost includes and does not include.

The itineraries in this website have been made our own concept, but if you want to make it longer or shorter as per your time duration, we would make it as per your choice.

We are fully liable on the information given in this website.



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We are a small specialist Kathmandu (Nepal) based team with expertise in trekking and climbing throughout the Himalayas. We have extensive experience and an excellent safety record.